Ed Carlyle

Ed Carlyle - NPQH

Executive Headteacher, two primary schools in Northamptonshire

"At the time of applying for NPQH I was a Deputy Head of a secondary school in Northamptonshire. It made absolute sense for me to go with a provider that was rooted in renowned practice and it was a really good decision. The face to face days gave me lots of ideas that I wanted to try out - many of them were high impact because they were already tried and tested. The course also gave me an amazing support network so that when things have been really difficult, I have been able to draw on them for support and ideas and I have been able to do the same for them. It has allowed me to understand myself better, to really reflect on my practice and learn from some of the difficult situations I have faced. In my current role as executive headteacher, I feel that I am still putting a lot of the ideas I learned on NPQH into place and using what I learned to really make a difference in the schools I lead."

Lisa Turland

Lisa Turland - NPQH

Headteacher, Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy

Gained Headship whilst on NPQH

"NPQH allowed me to reflect upon my practice and quickly develop my leadership skills using knowledge of theory and also through sharing examples. As a leader, I became more self-aware, confident and was able to consider the most effective way to develop systems, processes and the successful management of an organisation.

Through the Inspiring Leaders journey I was successfully appointed to a headship with the Flying High Trust. Throughout my NPQH I have had high levels of support through both coaching and mentoring and I have been incredibly well developed as a leader. I cannot speak highly enough of the organisation of the programme, the facilitation and the opportunities that this experience brought for my career and development. "

Tracey Lawrence

Tracey Lawrence - NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH

Deputy Head, Danemill Primary School

"I chose to complete my leadership journey with Inspiring Leaders because they articulated a clear vision for the programme and the support offered. During my NPQML I became Key Stage Coordinator. During my NPQSL I became an Assistant Head and I know that my ability to perform in these job roles were hugely impacted by the subject knowledge that I gained on the courses and the assessment projects that I completed.

My participation across all three programmes have enabled me to develop extensive subject knowledge and a strong network of practitioners that have, and will, support me on my leadership journey. I would highly recommend Inspiring Leaders as your chosen provider when embarking on your own leadership journey. "

Carl Pattison

Carl Pattison - NPQH

Acting Executive Headteacher for two schools in the Mansfield & Ashfield area

"I took up my first principal post in January 2014. My strategic approach to turning a failing school around was fully supported by the NPQH course. Reading, face to face days and support from serving headteachers enabled me to have a clear understanding of the typical leadership styles and approaches needed for underperforming schools. My assignment enabled me to gain experience in working as a headteacher and carrying work with members of staff in a different school. This supported my ability to adapt to different structures and learn from an outstanding establishment.

I chose Inspiring Leaders because of its professional approach and use of a wide range of speakers and facilitators to support the delivery. My deputy headteacher is currently completing NPQH with Inspiring Leaders and this is enhancing her leadership skills and understanding."

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